How To Find The Perfect Job

Follow these rules for a perfect fit:

Your job search is completely different from anyone else’s. That being said, there are things you can do to find the perfect job and get hired. The trick is to use the same terms and keywords that a hiring manager uses in the advertisement.

  1. Search on RestoreJobs for the job you want.
  2. Find a job posting that has a lot of details about the job.
  3. Where the poster uses words that describe the job well there will be keywords that a hiring manager is looking for or a software program will search for on your resume.
  4. Add these terms to your resume as long as adding them better explains the roles you have held and the skills you have attained on the job or in school.
  5. Start a cover letter that explains your desire to be hired at company “X” and how your background fits with the job opening that was posted.

Sounding like you should work at a company makes it an easier choice between someone who may have more seniority and you. People want to work with like-minded people. It isn’t a difference of color, race, religion or other identifier. It is merely a sense of belonging that can sway a hiring manager to offer you a job.

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