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RestoreJobs is, first and foremost, a search engine

That means that we pull jobs from across the spectrum of industries and companies to post the most relevant jobs that are open for hire. That also means that you need to treat your job search for available jobs as a keyword and search phrase heavy task. Search engines work differently from job boards. It is bigger and easier to find what you want if you follow certain words.

Using relevant keywords in the RestoreJobs Search Engine that you would expect to hear on the job can narrow the focus and bring you closer to the jobs you want. Keywords need to be both broad terms and niche words that can funnel you to the companies that work the way you want them to in order for you to apply.

Don’t get stuck just on finding the perfect keywords. Use search phrases to gain traction. A statement on industry, salary, and location can get you further than one keyword. Each company, when they write the advertisement for a particular job, adds requirements and expectations into the text boxes they have to post the job. Think like a hiring manager or HR representative. What would they post that you could use to search for them? Answering that question makes searches far more effective.

Stay vigilant and keep using RestoreJobs each day, even after finding a job, to stay on top of which companies are hiring and for what jobs. Create an account so you can apply anytime you want. We do not sell your information or spam you. We hate companies that do that and refuse to do that to anyone.

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