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“Finding jobs near me is a full-time job in itself and can be stressful.”

Big businesses are using more and more AI to weed through resumes to find the right person. This is a crazy way to perform a simple job and a crazier way to run a business. Your resume is limited to the keywords that a programmer added into the program. That’s it. How many businesses suffer because they aren’t seeing potential hires as people and treating them the way they want a new hire to treat the brand? The answer is, “far too many”.

If businesses hired staff the way they go about hiring a new CEO, there would be a whole new way for job seekers to apply and know what to expect from the hiring process. It would boil down to how much value hiring you would bring to the business. So, ask yourself, what you would bring to the job to increase sales and lower costs.

Trying to manage a job search with technology as the first greeting means you are too lazy to engage new hires. I would run from a business that treated me like a tool. The reason so many businesses are going under during the pandemic is because they lack the personal skills to communicate effectively and draw amazingly skilled workers to apply.

How you treat your customers should be a reflection of how you treat your staff. Angry bosses and leaders who yell tasks from their ivory towers should be summarily thrown out on their asses. That may sound harsh until you think of the crappy ways the business elites treat mass firings for their own poor decision-making. So, throw out the culture-killing leaders and hire for talent, skills, and emotional IQ. That last one, Emotional IQ, is our nod to leaders who are mature enough to lead, take feedback, and change rapidly to be able to move the company forward.

Take your time when you are searching for a job. Use keywords that you might not otherwise use to bring in a wider array of job postings. And, even if the job recommends that you have a skill or background in something that you do not have, apply if you like the sound of the job. Most companies will train you the way they want you to work in the position. Missing one or two elements doesn’t mean that you won’t get an interview.

Also, use generic keywords to browse jobs that you wouldn’t have thought about working. There are 50,000 jobs posted on RestoreJobs. You’ll have a hard time getting through a stack of job postings. Slowing down and reading the “one-off” jobs from the industry or category you normally apply to is worth it.

I, as founder of RestoreJobs, have been helping people find jobs for most of my career. I have also been helping business owners understand who they should hire and how to remove any biases that would keep them from having the best team around. I like to work with people who naturally push each other and help each other get ahead. We are a team and all players win or lose. I ask that everyone participate and celebrate the wins.

We always keep the priorities in line with morals and values. Working an amazing job while your personal life is crumbling isn’t a good idea. I see the best in humanity and focus on that. It is easy to see the worst and try to deal with that by worrying or becoming emotional. Neither one of those options changes the outcome. Focusing on the good parts leaves a very tiny amount of time and effort to spend on the bad parts.

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