The Wilson School District is searching for a Full Time Payroll Specialist to assist the Controller in the general administration of the payroll department and coordinate payroll for all district personnel.

Job Duties include but are not limited too:

1. Responsible for all aspects of the time-keeping system and transfer to the payroll system.

2. Prepare all records necessary for actual computations of bi-weekly payroll for professional and support staff personnel.

3. Collect and prepare information for processing payroll, including pay and non-voluntary and voluntary deductions.

4. Export data from the automated time clocks into the payroll system; input manual time data into computerized payroll system and prepare checks.

5. Sort and distribute employee payroll information.

6. Reconcile, prepare, and file quarterly reports electronically to EIT, State, Unemployment Compensation and Federal Government, OPT.

7. Prepare W-2’s and year-end reports to government agencies; reconcile W-2’s.

8. Prepare and administer payment and reporting of all payroll taxes, retirement contributions, vouchers and voluntary deductions to proper agencies.

9. Collaborate with banks to coordinate and generate direct deposits into employees’ on-line accounts.

10. Work within all state/local/PSERS compliance requirements.

11. Verify written employment requests from banks and federal, state and local agencies.

12. Oversee payroll check reconciliation, compute bi-weekly salaries for fiscal year and provide information to each salaried employee as changes occur.

13. Prepare salary adjustment calculations as necessary for salary increases, retirements, resignations, etc.

14. Generate accrual reports for year-end journal entries.

15. Edit and report monthly PSERS submission to NPAS.

16. Serve as PSERS representative for district buyback requests; produce eligibility report at the end of the fiscal year and prepare prospective retiree research as requested by the retirement system.

17. Submit required information to third party administrator for 403(b), annuities and Roth IRA.

18. Perform other duties as assigned by the Controller and CFO.

Qualified candidates should posses the following qualifications:

  • Two (2) years experience in payroll or business office environment, preferably in public education
  • High school diploma or equivalent is necessary
  • Some accounting courses preferred
  • Associates degree preferred
  • Must possess accounting and general business knowledge


To Apply: https://www.jobg8.com/Traffic.aspx?UO46q7c3dMxyusKcX6OXKwk