· Service and treatment planning, program development and record-keeping per OAR’s and program policy.

· Maintain a high level of ongoing knowledge and education regarding addiction treatment. This includes professional development plans (PDP). Complete necessary requirements in order to maintain certification.

· Communicates and integrates agency mission, goals, policies and procedures into daily practice

· Assures security measures are taken to protect Individual Service Records in accordance with OAR’s, 42 CFR Part 2 and HIPAA.

· Complete any tasks assigned by Clinical Supervisor, Program Director, and Executive Director.

· Conduct assessments to identify patient’s level of care need utilizing ASAM Criteria – 3rd Edition.

· Refer patients to appropriate treatment programs for follow-up care.

· Participate in direct treatment of patients by attending clinical staff meetings/supervisions.

· Maintain clinical electronic health records (EHR) on patients’ progress.

· Arrange transportation and housing for all patients as needed.

· Conduct educational groups as needed.

· Work closely with Nursing and Sub-acute Technicians to ensure patient care.

· Participate in quality assurance and quality improvement activities as directed.

· Work directly with clinical supervisor for ongoing program development.

· Do motivational counseling, cognitive-behavioral therapies and use trauma-informed methods as necessary to improve outcomes.


· Substance use disorder treatment best practices.

· Required knowledge in ASAM Criteria – 3rd Edition, OAR’s, and 42 CFR Part 2/HIPAA.

· Knowledge of Office 2010 software applications including Outlook.

· Has knowledge, skill, and experience in evidence-based interventions including Motivational Interviewing, Cognitive

Behavioral Therapy and other trauma-informed treatment practices

· Has ability to follow oral and written directions and to apply techniques for special needs

· Has knowledge of de-escalation methods

· Has flexibility in responding to changing needs and requirements

· Has ability to work in an environment where clients may be verbally hostile or abusive

· Effectively manages time and meets deadlines

· Proficient in clinical documentation

· Professional written and verbal communication and interpersonal skills.

· Able to maintain consistent reliable attendance

· Refrain from wearing strong fragrances in the workplace

. Requirements:


· Demonstration of competence through experience and education, individual service and support planning, case management and coordination, utilization of community resources, education groups including 12 Step support groups, family and individual therapy or counseling documentation and rationale for services to promote intended outcomes and implementation of all provider policies.

· Oregon state certification, CADC I or above is required by Willamette Family policy to perform duties associated with this position. CADC II preferred. Applicants working towards certification may be considered for position if application for certification can be made within 6 months of employment.

· Minimum competency must be demonstrated as defined in: OHA AMH Standards for Substance Use Disorder Detoxification Services Division 50 with the following qualifications:

(i) Have training knowledge and/or experience demonstrating competence in the treatment of substance use disorders, knowledge of substance withdrawal; individual assessment; motivational counseling techniques; trauma informed care.

(ii) Within six weeks of employment, be currently certified or in process of certification in first aid methods including cardiopulmonary resuscitation.


· Required to sit for long periods.

· Move effortlessly from sitting to standing positions

· Extended time in front of computer

· Able to see detail objects or documents that are less than a few feet away

· The ability to respond quickly for safety reasons

· The ability to lift 5-25 pound


Willamette Family, Inc., prohibits discrimination on the basis of any characteristic protected by applicable local, state, or Federal was, and any agency policy including, but not limited to, discrimination based upon race, color, religion, national origin, sex or sexual orientation.