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Position Title: Form Carpenters and Form Carpenter Techs. – Columbia SC & Charleston SC areas
Location: Columbia, SC
Salary Interval: Salaried, Non Exempt

Position Description


  • Performs all the essential functions of a Building Group Apprentice
  • Provides building materials to form carpenters (unless done by Apprentice).
  • Uses hand, small power, and power actuated tools, as well as light power equipment, to measure and cut new/used lumber according to instructions from the form carpenter during the form building process.
  • Erects appropriate scaffolding using hand tools.
  • Assists carpenters with constructing and bracing concrete forms.
  • Places panels and form units in position preparatory to assembling.
  • Nails expansion joint material to walls or forms.
  • “Gauge blocks” edge or wall forms to achieve alignment (i.e., plumb and “straightness”).
  • Places and ties re-bar.
  • Sets anchor bolts using string lines as per carpenter or foreman directions/settings.
  • Rubs and repairs concrete surfaces as directed by carpenter or foreman.
  • Removes shoring and braces from forms, dismantles and stacks them for storing/transport.
  • Operates vibrator during foundation, column and wall pours. Places and finishes concrete in some of these same concrete pours.
  • Mixes grout according to directions and grouts base-plates.
  • Helps disassemble forms after the concrete has set-up.
  • Assists form carpenters with other of their duties as directed.
  • Helps keep work area clean at all times.
  • Complies with all pertinent company, state, OSHA safety rules, regulations and guidelines.
  • Reports any job site and/or WB employee related safety violations to appropriate supervisory personnel.
  • Works as a safe and productive member of a construction crew/team.
  • Perform all assigned roles, responsibilities, and related work processes/tasks in the safest possible manner. Ensure that a safe, accident/incident-free work environment is maintained for all co-workers, customers, clients, suppliers, etc. at all times.


Position Requirements

Education and/or Experience

  • GED – preferred

Knowledge, Skills and Abilities Required

  • Performing assigned work tasks and processes in work teams
  • Measuring and cutting wood, metal
  • Problem-solving
  • Communicating with co-workers and foreman
  • Carrying out site safety and work-task plans
  • Recognizing and correcting job site hazards
  • Making task-level judgments and decisions
  • Listening to and following directions
  • Thinking logically and critically
  • Seeing and interpreting details close up and far away
  • Consistent focus on Safety, Quality, Production, and Innovation

Working Conditions

  • Outdoors – frequently
  • Indoors – rarely
  • Loud noise – frequently
  • Temperatures – seasonal
  • Personal Protective Equipment – at all times
  • Multi-activity worksites – frequently
  • Traveling/out of town – frequently
  • 40 to 55-hour work week – frequently
  • Heights and depths – frequently

Certificates, Licenses, Registrations

  • Valid driver’s license – Preferred
  • OSHA – 10 Hour Certification – Preferred
  • Powder actuated tool certification – Preferred
  • WB Craft Training – Optional

Physical Demands

  • Lifting and carrying up to 50 pounds
  • Frequent lifting, bending, kneeling and reaching
  • Walking frequently
  • Reaching above shoulder
  • Standing for long periods of time
  • Climbing ladders, working at heights, wearing/using fall protection harness
  • Handling and assembling formwork
  • Handling and installing concrete reinforcement materials
  • Handling, placing, and finishing of concrete

Equal Opportunity Employer

Wayne Brothers, Inc is an Equal Employment Opportunity/ Affirmative Action Employer. Read our EEO/AAE policy.


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