As an Officer in the Navy Nurse Corps, you’ll develop strong peer-to-peer relationships with Navy Physicians – along with the respect and honor that accompany the Navy uniform. • Work with a team of talented colleagues united by a common mission • Seize opportunities to educate, lead and shape policy within Navy Health Care • Instruct Hospital Corpsmen on how to provide quality patient care • Choose from sought-after specialties – study to become a nurse practitioner or a nurse anesthetist or even attend the famed Naval School of Health Sciences in Bethesda, MD As a Navy Nurse, you’ll elevate your credentials and set the standard as you: • Apply leading-edge medical advances at world-class hospitals • Utilize some of the most advanced technology on the planet, like Radio Frequency Identification, which can lead to less paperwork and more meaningful patient care • Work at the best military nursing facilities on shore, at sea and in the field • Find new meaning in the term “teamwork” with top health-care professionals on the highly respected Navy Health Care team Healer of mind, body and spirit. Ambassador of hope. Respected nursing professional. There’s no exaggerating the significance of the role you’ll serve as a nurse in America’s Navy. A critical care nurse provides specialiezed care to patients in the intensive care units of a hospital that treat the most severely ill or injured patients, caring for the daily needs of those who are the most vulnerable. To perform effectively in this position, critical care professionals require specialized training.

May qualify for bonuses, subject up to 100K.

-Health Insurance – Enroll in Tricare Health Care for you and your family with no monthly premiums.

-Blended Retirement System with Thrift Savings Plan and retirement benefits after 20 years of qualifying service

-Dental Insurance – Enroll in Tricare Dental for you and your family with low premiums

-Serviceman’s Group Life Insurance – $400,000

-Dependent Identification Cards – Dependents access commissaries, exchanges, and recreation facilities

-Travel – Travel Space Available on military aircrafts from certain military bases at a low fee

-Home Loans – Department of Veterans Affairs Home Loan Guarantee Program

-Must be a U.S. citizen, licensed to practice, and meet our physical, legal, security screening, and credential requirements.

Age requirement: Must be commissioned by age 42.

Must be US citizen to apply.


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