The Public Service Commission of the District of Columbia (Commission), a leading utility regulatory agency, is looking for a talented Economist with utility or regulatory experience, who can make a professional difference in the Nation’s Capital. As an Economist, you will be involved in a challenging variety of utility regulatory projects, including: electric and gas rate design issues, ongoing economic analysis and monitoring efforts for electric and gas utility rate increase applications and multi-billion dollar projects of infrastructure upgrades, electric and gas distribution strategic initiatives, as well as distributed energy resource (DER) programs, including demand response, renewable energy sources, energy storage, microgrids, energy efficiency, etc.

In this role, you will have an opportunity to interface with key stakeholders from federal and state agencies, including other state public service commissions, FERC, DOE, and the credit rating agencies. You will also interface with professionals of Fortune 500 energy companies, energy developers and providers, as well as regulatory professionals from across the Nation. You will have opportunities to gain significant industry exposure and unmatched professional experience as a member of a leading regulatory agency with a proud 100+ year history of regulatory excellence.

This position is in the Office of Economics within the Office of Technical and Regulatory Analysis (OTRA) of the Commission. The Commission regulates the utilities and competitive companies that provide natural gas, electricity, and telecommunications services to District of Columbia ratepa yers. The mission of the Commission is to serve the public interest by ensuring that financially healthy utilities provide safe, reliable and quality utility services at reasonable rates for District customers, while fostering grid modernization, conservation of natural resources, preservation of environmental quality, and advancement of the District’s climate policy goals. OTRA advises the Commissioners on economic, accounting/financial, engineering, and compliance/enforcement issues in formal cases.

Job Requirements:

The economist performs economic and market-oriented studies related to the restructured natural gas, and electric industries in the District of Columbia. He/she will perform economic analyses of issues in gas and electric rate cases and other regulatory proceedings. Assist in preparing technical memoranda to the Commissioners in formal cases and other proceedings. Assist in analyzing and monitoring industry data and studies. Review tariffs and other filings to test economic foundation and compliance with Commission orders. The economist will assist in clean energy-related efforts, including implementation actions arising from the Clean Energy DC Act, and attending working groups in various proceedings. The economist will prepare working group meeting minutes, as assigned.

The economist will assist in analyzing and critiquing industry data and studies. Review submissions received from utility companies and intervenors in formal cases, investigations, and filings. Monitor company compliance with Commission-ordered requirements in formal cases.

Performs economic reviews, analyses, and research of Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS) related issues. The economist will assist in the weekly processing of D.C. Renewable Energy Credit applications, collecting information on renewable resources and assisting in implementation of RPS rules and related legislation.


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