The PARC Joliet Nursing – JOB SUMMARY: The purpose of this position is to facilitate the efficient transfer of phone calls, personal inquiries, information, and mail to the appropriate individuals in the facility in a timely and professional manner. Besides monitoring the phone system, mail, FedEx, and UPS, there are additional clerical responsibilities which are done on a regular and as needed basis to maintain the continuous operation of the facility. QUALIFICATIONS: 1. A high school diploma or B.A. in Communications is preferred. 2. Computers skills is preferred. 3. Must be able to read, write, and speak English in an understandable manner. JOB REQUIREMENTS: 1. Must be physically and mentally capable of performing routine job duties. 2. Good managerial, organizational, and planning skills. 3. Be personable with residents, families, and staff in a professional and cooperative manner. 4. Must have compassion, tolerance, and understanding for the elderly. MAIN DUTIES: A. Support the facility’s philosophy of care and strive to achieve its goals and objectives. B. Assist with the schedules of all part-time receptionists to ensure uninterrupted service at all times. C. Review the census each morning to see that it was completely, obtain Administrators approval and fax/scan as needed. D. Operate the reception area in an efficient manner: a) maintain a continuous presence at the desk b) greet residents, family, and visitors in a cordial and friendly way. c) maintain the desk and lobby area free of clutter and debris. E. Operate the phone system: a) answer incoming calls in a professional and courteous manner b) inquire as to whom the call is for and purpose of call c) transfer call to appropriate department, floor, unit or manager d) take messages: the receptionist is not responsible for messages other than those for the office/managerial personnel; it is not appropriate to take messages for non-managerial employees except in emergency situations. F. Complete all paper work in a timely and neat manner including: a) prepare a face sheet for a new admission utilizing the EMR system as requested b) complete tracking logs and Medicare notices as requested 85 c) complete receipts for any payments/checks received as needed d) copy and assist with applications, employee packets, etc G. Monitor/identify all visitors to the facility and ensure sign-in procedures are followed. H. Distribute all mail to the appropriate departments/individuals. I. Coordinate deliveries by signing required delivery notice and notifying the appropriate staff or department of said delivery. J. Maintain the confidentiality of resident information and honor his/her personal and property rights. K. Follow established fire, disaster, safety, infection control, and evacuation policies and procedures. L. Perform other related duties as assigned by the Administrative Assistant, Assistant Administrator or Administrator.Tracking

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