Principal Investigators
Family Medicine, Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine

Southern California Coast

  • Beachfront city in Southern California: Los Angeles/Orange County
  • We are hiring for full time Principal Investigators with experience
  • Open to all Family and Internal Medicine based specialties, and Emergency Medicine
  • Employed with guaranteed base salary and full comprehensive benefits

Position Requirements

  • Must have 10+ years of practice experience and 3-5 years minimum as principal or sub investigator
  • Leadership and attention to detail qualities required: must be board certified in your respective specialty
  • Knowledge of FDA guidelines and safety protocol
  • Guaranteed salary + incentives
  • Travel 4-6 times per year at most (not during COVID)
  • Focus is predominately on phase 2 and 3 trials
  • Multiple active trials immediately available with medical research staff already in place
  • There are NO exceptions to the above listed position requirements

Reference FP 9175Tracking

To Apply: https://www.jobg8.com/Traffic.aspx?pHOBB7%2bmn%2fMdWVeWkRKcoQr