Position Overview:

This is the opportunity to develop the world’s highest resolution holographic display. You will help determine the optimal methods and techniques for assembling and testing both prototype and production light field displays. You will be characterizing and testing some of the world’s most advanced optics and materials, and play a crucial role in defining our manufacturing process.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

• Assemble unique systems containing emissive displays, optical relays, lenses, diffractive elements, and custom mechanical structures
• Develop manufacturing processes for optimal optical alignment, bonding, and testing
• Characterize unique optical components by constructing bench top experiments that include cameras, microscopes, optical filters, optical mounting hardware, etc
• Work with engineers to develop automated optical test and characterization stations for the measurement of light field properties for both prototype and production displays
• Write optical device characterization test reports
• Work with vendors to verify that device performance meets specifications, and define common measurement setups and procedures
• Develop methods for molding and processing revolutionary materials to be used in light field displays 2
• Maintain an organized lab environment, and order consumables and other common lab supplies
• Other tasks as assigned

Requirements and Qualifications:

• Familiar with optical components – using lenses, microscopes, lasers, and filters
• Familiar with optical breadboard setups, which include translation stages, optical mounts, brackets, and rail systems
• Familiar with the assembly of optical systems, including positioning, alignment, and bonding
• Demonstrated proficiency in optical device characterization and testing for the purposes of both development and manufacturing
• Experience in developing and optimizing a manufacturing process for the production of an optical system
• Familiar measurement of contrast and resolution using optical imaging
• Experience with molding materials for manufacturing is a plus
• Experience working in a lab environment. Comfortable with clean room practices and procedures.
• Simple programming in Python, C++, or any other language for data analysis is a plus

Key Competencies:

• Optical components
• Optical breadboard setups
• Assembly of optical systems
• Optical device characterization and test
• Manufacturing process development for an optical system
• Working with molding materials for manufacturing
• Lab environment
• Process document creation
• Detailed documentation of test results


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