Director of Technical Product Management, XR E-Learning

As a team, we strive for:

· Stakeholder and team impact. Our business is based on doing great things for our stakeholders: institutions, educators, learners, partners and investors. To make that happen our team cares about them and about each other. The best teammates are the ones who, regardless of function or discipline, are eager and excited to find a way to connect their work directly to stakeholders and teammates.

· Trusted independence with interdependence. You are fully trusted as a full owner of the work you do; self-determined, responsible, accountable, and celebrated. With that freedom, you acknowledge, a broader social context. We work together, we partner, we collaborate, and we make sure the work we take on and hand off is done thoughtfully and with care.

· Learn and improve. We are in constant learning and improving mode. We define what we want to try and believe will have a good outcome. We learn from what happens without worrying about something that doesn’t achieve the desired outcome. We continuously retro across the organization to improve.

· Sincere care. We work here because we believe in the vision, we believe in our team and we believe in our ability to build something wonderful. It is those beliefs that also mean we care about our stakeholders, we care about the vision, we care about each other, and we care about building something wonderful. We sincerely want our team and other stakeholders to succeed.

We are looking for a versatile Product Manager to join our small, but passionate, team. We are looking for someone who is excited about having a central role in the company and be a big part of our future success.

Job Description:

• Manage key products yourself as we build a team of product managers together, including recruiting, hiring, and training

• Build teams and processes to deliver products that satisfy the needs of our customers

• Be the voice of both the buyer and the user

• Lead, define, represent and communicate product strategy to all stakeholders as you partner with the CEO & CTO

• Own UX design efforts supporting product iterations

• Manage Product lifecycle from concept to launch for two key product lines

• Identify key trends affecting extended reality, training, education and other technical opportunities affecting instructor lead learning.

• Work with all stakeholders to identify needs, collaboratively define product opportunities, changes, and bugs.

• Create task descriptions and functional description documents to communicate product functionality to the engineering team.

• Direct contract UX and graphic design resources.

• Manage and prioritize product backlog and development tasks.

• Play a key role in the agile implementation process that includes managing process elements, answering questions on functionality, and reviewing/testing functionality.

• Define and evaluate success of product features.

• Regularly interact with external and internal users as a product expert, answering questions, providing help and collaborating on user documentation.


• Bachelor’s degree

• 3+ years working in a product management role on a responsive web software application.

• Demonstrated experience creating functional descriptions.

• Knowledge of UX principles, practices and UI patterns. Experience defining UX design changes across mobile and responsive web interfaces.

• Experience working closely with an engineering team to test, fix and deliver product.

• Comfortable with metrics and applying them to help iterate the product.

• Good attention to detail and organizational skills.

• Interest in online learning experiences and Augmented Reality. Knowledge of LMS and AR technology is a plus.


– provided by Dice