SAS/SQL Analytic Consultant

Leading Banking Company

Charlotte, NC | West Des Moines, IA (remote till post-COVID)

Contract length: 12 months

Top Skills / Responsibilities:

Required Qualifications:

* 6+ years of experience in one or a combination of the following: reporting, analytics, or modeling;


* Masters degree or higher in a quantitative field such as applied math, statistics, engineering, physics, accounting, finance, economics, econometrics, computer sciences, or business/social and behavioral sciences with a quantitative emphasis
* 4+ years of experience in one or a combination of the following: reporting, analytics, or modeling

Required toolset:

* Excel/PowerPoint
* Responsible for very complex partner assignments to identify and define strategic business issues that require analyses and translates this information into insight, knowledge and understanding of the business and the industry.
* Consults and performs very complex analyses/ analysis design involving data mining from multiple sources and/or predictive modeling, regression/multivariate, financial, comparative analysis, customer/demographic analysis, etc.
* Analytics involved generally span multiple functional areas/business lines/data sources.
* Responsibilities also include identifying opportunities for additional statistical models and/or creating sophisticated computer modeling approaches to analyze and forecast business performance; participating in and/or leading management information capabilities development work; interpreting and presenting results of analyses and recommendations to senior management.
* Ensures adherence to data management/data governance regulations and policies.
* Data involved may be very large, structured or unstructured, and from multiple sources.
* To a certain degree, may be involved directly or indirectly in the technical build-out and/or support of databases, query tools, reporting tools, BI tools, dashboards, etc that enable analysis, modeling, and/or data visualization.
* Leads project/virtual teams & mentors lower level staff.Tracking

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