Connect with the Greatest Generation and join us at St. Pauls! You will be able to make a difference in the lives of countless seniors by providing comfort and life changing experiences every single day. Our team wants compassionate, caring, and considerate companions to create a welcoming environment and to become the angels for San Diegos residents and participants in the best years of their lives!
This is a part-time NOC Receptionist position.

Responsible for all reception desk functions necessary to ensure the service and safety of all residents and employees in the facility.All responsibilities are to be done in a professional, courteous and conscientious manner.Position is a key and highly visible one in the St. Paul’s safety and security process.

Monitors all security doors and gates leading into facility and garage.Maintain security of building at all times. Interacts with, receives and implements security instructions from the Facilities Manager. Understands fully all emergency and security alarm systems, all intercom systems and telephone systems atALLSt. Paul’s facilities.Attends all training, where required, of all emergency alarm and communication systems.Where appropriate and requested, coordinates training of other staff on emergency alarms and communications systems. Understands fully and utilizes, as required, all emergency telephone, pager and disaster contact lists, policies and procedures. Ensures “Radio Contact” at all time between Manor and Villa, and with CCC at times CCC is open.Knows and understands radio equipment and its use, especially when there may be a power failure and the telephone systems are not working.Performs “radio checks” with other facilities and with security personnel during day and evening periods.Reports problems to the Facilities Manager at earliest possible time. Processes requests made by residents for service, repairs, food trays, and emergency help MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS:Must be at least 18 years of age and possess good communication skills, both verbal and written.Must be able to speak fluently in English.Able to interact with staff, visitors and residents in a calm and professional manner, both in person and by telephone.Must be able to deal with emergency and stressful situations in a positive and calming manner.Must enjoy contact with and have compassion for seniors.Must present self well dressed, neat and well groomed.Must be able to promote a positive and professional image of St. Paul’s at all times.Must be capable of using good judgment and acting independently with no or little supervision.Must be able to operate telephone systems, intercoms, door opening systems and sort postal deliveries as needed.Must be able to fully understand and operate facility fire panels and CCTV security systems.
EDUCATION AND/OR EXPERIENCE:Position requires a high school diploma or its equivalency.Experience in a field requiring contact with the public highly desired.Tracking

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