Hello; We are looking for a personal assistant for the Film director Qmars Mootab. Personal assistant should be sharp, wise, smart, well educated and good looking. He/She needs to have public relation skills and familiar with internet, social medias and PR. We need him/her to organize everything related to Qmars Mootab, even maybe sometimes has meetings with the actors actresses and/or other celebrities. This kind of jobs is not easy because it is sometime on call, night shift, worldwide travels and everything. Accordingly we pay a high salary comparing to the average salary of these days, which is something around 120,000.00 up to 150,000.00 yearly. Maybe you consider this job as a good opportunity to have fun in Hollywood but in fact this is really a hard job. Thank you so much REGARDS Qmars Mootab’s PR teamTracking

To Apply: https://www.jobg8.com/Traffic.aspx?T4MvMIZq7DcYy9B4J9gx7wq