The Solar Installer Laborer is responsible for performing basic labor tasks to bring about the completion of multiple Industrial Solar Project construction phases. This includes Pre Post Installation Setup, Post Installation, Post Remediation, Pre Racking/Rails System Component Staging, Racking/Rails System Assembly and Solar Panel Installation. All phases require the use of multiple general and power tools.
Payrate for this job is $16/Hour.

Measuring and marking of Post Installation location points and layout of steel posts.
Cutting, and hole punch of steel posts.
Assistance with spotting/signaling/directing of large Post Installation Machines and Forklifts.
Steel Post Remediation requiring the use of various heavy tools to twist/move posts into position and cut and punch holes through steel.
Staging of heavy materials such as large steel beams, torque tubes, boxes of steel nuts, bolts and steel framing assembly pieces.
Assembly of framing system mounts/rails using power tools and various types of nuts, bolts, bearings, clamps and other assembly tools.
Solar Panel Installation – positioning, bolting, and securing of panels onto mounts and rails using general and power tools.


Ability to work outdoors in various weather conditions.
Have full range of mobility in upper and lower body.
Be able to work in various positions, including, but not limited to, stooping, standing, bending over, sitting, kneeling and squatting for extended periods of time.
Be able to lift, pull and push materials and equipment to complete assigned job tasks.
Be able to lift 50 pounds of weight frequently throughout the assigned workday.


Candidates must be 18 years of age or older. May need to complete background check and drug screen.

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