Responsible for planning, developing and leading all health and fitness programs, including the design and administration of the annual wellness calendar and programs by performing the duties below.

The Fitness Director is directly responsible to the General Manager. This position includes both Marina and Salinas sites and will require travel to and from both locations.

This is a salary, exempt position.


The following duties and responsibilities are given as examples of the various types of work performed in this position. Other duties and responsibilities may be assigned.

1. Creates a dynamic fitness program for members which encourages them to work out regularly through a variety of interesting, entertaining and appropriate venues in the Center.

2. Creates, promotes and implements a personal training program that meets or exceeds the targeted revenues.

3. Creates a positive atmosphere for both members and staff to fulfill their health and fitness needs while successfully contributing to the Club’s overall bottom line.

4. Supervises all fitness staff and provides staff development and training so that each individual can meet and have the opportunity to excel in their position. Conducts performance appraisals and implements the progress discipline program as needed.

5. Recruits in accordance with the HPA exercise specialist guidelines, interviews, selects and supervises all personal training and fitness staff.

6. Oversees and approves staff payroll, personnel training commissions and time off.

7. Monitors and reports to the General Manager regarding the financial performance of all fitness product lines for which he/she directly supervises. This includes analysis of revenue for each fitness product line to the current budget and the success of membership retention efforts and clinical integration programs.

8. Meets regularly with the General Manager and prepares action plans according to departmental goals and objectives. Attends other regularly scheduled senior leadership meetings called by the General Manager.

9. Serves as the Safety Officer with all the duties so assigned including developing emergency procedures and staff training to include annual CPR, AED, and first aid certification.

10. Participates in the annual customer satisfaction survey process and customer service training program.

11. Conducts regular staff meetings and develops an annual 12-month continuing education calendar for the fitness staff.

12. If present in the Club, monitors the overall successful implementation of the FitLinxx fitness software to new and current members.

Fitness/Personal Training Duties:

13. Schedules fitness staff to cover the fitness floor and monitors the level of member interaction and instruction.

14. Develops, implements and monitors a pay for performance personal training system

15. Develops new programs to meet the needs and desires of members.

16. Designs, implements and trains new and current staff regarding the member intake and consultation process. Monitors intake consultation participation rates.

17. Implements the member retention program and monitors new member phone calls and appointments, and 30, 60, 90 follow-up phone calls.

18. Develops both the technical and sales skills of the personal training staff.

Group Exercise/Mind & Body Program Duties:

17. Directs and supervises all aspects of Group Exercise and Mind & Body programs.

18. Tracks and reports class utilization, participant satisfaction, appointments, and other parameters requested by the General Manager.

19. Develops the schedule, revenue targets, and promotional material for all group exercise programs.

20. Monitors the cleanliness and overall appearance of group exercise venues and assures proper equipment and supplies are available to meet class size and instructor needs.

21. Monitors trends and interests in the group fitness programming as a basis for offering new programs that will provide a positive revenue stream and maintain high member interest levels.

22. Organizes special group fitness events and/or workshops for members and non-members that will lead to increased revenue and retention.

Aquatic Program Duties:

23. Supervises pool and, if present, steam room and Jacuzzi operations.

24. Plans all aquatic classes, programs and events for general membership including scheduling coverage of the aquatic venues and assuring that the required level of certification of lifeguards are maintained and on file.

25. Develops a reporting and tracking system to monitor compliance with all local health and safety regulations and requirements as well as manufacturer’s warranty and operation requirements for all aquatic venues.

Clinical Integration Program Collaboration and Duties:

26. Directs and supervises the initial intake and Health Risk Assessment (HRA) process.

27. Develops programming for at risk populations such as diabetics, cancer victims, people with arthritis, etc.

28. Implements the Clinical Integration Referral process and assures all symptomatic individuals are referred according to protocols and referral policies.

29. When appropriate, be able to present health and fitness information to membership, sponsoring hospital and/or community in the form of lectures, presentations and health fairs for prospecting of new clients.

30. When not otherwise engaged with a member for personal training or orientation, is responsible for overseeing the fitness floor to answer member questions, assure that members are engaged in safe techniques, clean equipment and supervise the fitness floor.

31. Performs other related personal training and administrative duties in the area of training as assigned.

32. Performs their specific role as outlined in the Safety Manual and Center Cleaning Log for emergency situations.

Supports the company’s philosophy, goals and adheres to policies.

This list of responsibilities may not be all-inclusive and can be expanded to include other duties or responsibilities as needed without prior notice.

Four-year undergraduate degree from an accredited school in an exercise or health related field, minimum of two (2) years’ experience in the management of fitness staff, developing and monitoring group exercise programs and a personal training program required.

Hold and maintain one of the following certifications: ACSM (American College of Sports Medicine)-Health & Fitness Instructor, NSCA (National Strength & Conditioning Association)-Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist, NATA-certified (National Athletic Trainer’s Association), or NASM (National Academy Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer

Must be a Certified Pool Operator (CPO) or attain such certification within three months of assuming the position.

Must be certified in infant, child, and adult CPR and automated external defibrillator (AED).

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