A little about us!Our vision is to live in a world where people have the right move and resettle across borders with dignity and respect.We work towards this vision through our mission: defending immigrants against deportation, promoting community education and empowerment, and engaging in policy advocacy.We also work towards this vision internally by building a horizontal, consensus-based organization.Our team: We started in 2013 with a team of 1.5 and now are 14 (4 based in San Jose and 10 in San Francisco).Our staff and board of directors are diverse in their migration backgrounds, and extremely supportive of each other.What brings us together is our dedication to our work, each other, and the larger movement for immigrants rights. Our work: We operate on three levels: direct legal representation, policy advocacy, and community empowerment and education.Attorneys at Pangea participate in traditional lawyering zealously representing immigrants in their removal proceedings and appeals.Attorneys also act as movement lawyers working with clients, their families, grassroots organizers, legislators, and media to create systemic change.Our goal for representation is not only to achieve positive legal outcomes for each client, but also to provide our clients with opportunities for politicization and social transformation, thus advancing the larger movement for immigrant justice.Our offices: Pangeas main office is located in downtown San Francisco, near key immigration offices, including the detained and non-detained immigration courts, ICE, USCIS, and the asylum office. Our San Francisco office is also within a few blocks of muni and BART. Pangeas Santa Clara County office is located in the San Jos Unified School District office, giving us access to parents, teachers, and students. During the pandemic, all attorneys have been exclusively working from home with a few exceptions. When our offices reopen, we expect to continue working from home 1-2 days per week.Our internal work: Pangea is more than a job; its an opportunity to become a director and share ownership in an organization that reflects the values we want to see in the world.Over the last 8 years, we have built an organization where everyone receives equal pay, authority is delegated by consensus, and everyones responsibilities are equally important regardless of organizational role.All employees serve on 1-3 organizational hubs that help run, build, and strengthen our organization.After 6 months of employment, new employees become directors of the organization and voting members of at least one hub.We are committed to continuing to develop our organizational model guided by our social justice ideals, and we invest significant time in its upkeep and growth.We are hiring an experienced attorney in our San Francisco office to represent immigrants in proceedings and contribute to supervision of peers and newer attorneys.We are excited about growing our San Francisco team!We are specifically looking for someone with several years of deportation defense experience, excellent writing and editing skills, and substantive knowledge of various forms of relief available in immigration court.This position will focus on representing primarily non-detained immigrants in immigration court, before the Board of Immigration Appeals, and the Administrative Appeals Office, as well as supporting the team with supervision and review of filings. In addition, the attorney may represent up to two detained clients at a time in bond, merits, and habeas hearings at any given time, while also running a public campaign for those cases.This is who we are looking for.We are looking for someone who is passionate about our mission and vision, excited to represent immigrants in court, and energized about helping to grow and shape our organization.Primary ResponsibilitiesRepresent immigrants (primarily asylum seekers) in removal proceedingsSupervise attorneys and review colleagues court filingsEngage in community empowerment activities, Know Your Rights presentations, media interviews, and moreCreate opportunities for clients to share their stories, participate in community empowerment activities, and join the larger movement for immigrant rightsHelp to maintain and grow Pangea as an organization, and actively participate in 1-2 organizational hubsRequired Skills and ExperienceLicense to practice law in the United StatesSpanish language proficiency2+ years experience with removal defenseExcellent written communication skillsAttention to detail, while still able to see the big pictureBonus Skills and ExperienceSpanish language fluency, proficiency in other languagesExperience working in asylum lawExperience with crim-imm issuesExperience in movement-building / community organizingExperience working with survivors of trauma5+ completed individual merits hearings in immigration courtExcellent verbal communication skillsAbility to wear multiple hats and juggle various responsibilities/rolesAlignment with Pangeas Points of UnityWe are looking for someone who can relate to and embody our Points of Unity.These are the internal organizational principles that our team created together in 2015, and we frequently turn to them when making difficult decisions.We believe that all people are equal in rights and should be free to move. We dream of a world without borders.We were created to fill a gap in free and low fee deportation defense services.We recognize that education, legal empowerment, and policy advocacy are essential to changing perspectives around migration and migrants rights.We believe in the oneness of all people and we embrace the common humanity of every person; our interactions are guided by love.We treat every person we meet as an individual with a unique story.We are committed to excellence and providing high quality services.The law is a living document. Its flaws do not constrict us. We use it strategically to ask boldly for the best for our community.We are positive and solution oriented. We value fresh attitudes, innovation, and creativity. We challenge conventional thinking in order to redefine what is possible.We practice humility. We listen, learn, reflect, evaluate, and grow.We value our teams individual and collective well-being. We create mechanisms to support well-roundedness and our teams mental, physical, and spiritual health.We recognize a tension between serving as many people in need as possible, taking challenging, legally complex cases, and valuing our own health and well-being. We strive to maintain a balance between these three goals.We are committed to equity regarding compensation, responsibilities, and shared ownership.We strive to create an organization that is both financially sustainable and autonomous.Tracking

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