Ning Solutions Inc. is currently hiring a fulltime Human Resources Tax and Payroll Specialist.

Primary Duties:

• Verifies and enters employee payroll data information, including Federal tax forms, state tax forms, local tax forms, direct deposit forms, allotment forms, other payroll deductions and taxable or non-taxable benefit adjustments.

• Hours entry for hourly (WAE) employees and LWOP hours as requested by the court units.

• Review and validate pay period reports to verify all employees in supported circuits are accurately paid and set up for the proper state or local tax withholding as necessary.

• Performs administrative and clerical duties including responding to customer inquiries via phone or email, maintaining files, reviewing and sorting PSB mail and distribute it properly and timely.

• Prepare state/local tax deposits, coupons, returns and reconciliation in accordance with the requirements of the state /local taxing authority.

• Complete tax vouchers and update reconciliation spreadsheets.

• Responds to court unit inquiries and to written verification of employment request and state unemployment forms.

Required Skills:

Specialized Experience

• At least one year of experience in human resources payroll and bookkeeping or accounting is required

• Knowledge to basic math, including calculating fractions and percentages

• Ability to follow written instructions on policies and procedures

• Flexibility regarding scheduling meetings and activities, routinely gather, collate and/or classify payroll documents, as well as incoming and outgoing mail

• Ability to work independently or working in a team environment while respecting confidentially of sensitive information

• Proficiency of Microsoft Word, Excel and other business-related software required.

Required Experience:

Candidates must have the following:


A high school diploma or the equivalent is required


To Apply: https://www.jobg8.com/Traffic.aspx?YA9oLha38bLf4ZvLHa2fewy