2nd Shift 3PM – 11PM

Specific duties include clipping, operating the coating machines and inspecting the lenses.

Specific duties include beveling, mounting the lenses, edging, blocking lenses, tinting and inspecting.

Specific duties include taping and blocking the lenses, generating, and polishing and lens washing.


o Clipper: Clip and secure lenses into baskets to begin the coating process.
o Machine Operator: Prepare and operate the coating machine to coat the lenses properly.
Load machine chemicals
Load and unload sectors with lenses
o Inspector: Inspect lenses to ensure that they are optically and cosmetically accurate.

o Beveler: Utilize the bevel wheel to remove the sharp edges of the lens.
o Mounter: Accurately apply drill holes to the lenses to ensure proper fit and alignment of the lenses and insert lenses into the frame while ensuring proper fit.
o Edger Operator: Operate a variety of edging machines to cut lenses down to proper size and shape to fit the appropriate frame.
o Finish Layout: prepare an uncut lens for the edging process by outlining the center/alignment markings and affixing the chuck/block.
o Tinter: Accurately tint all lenses going through the tinting department.
o Inspection: Inspect lenses and frames to ensure that they are optically and cosmetically accurate.

o Surfacing Blocker: Utilize the blocking machine to accurately secure a block to all lenses going through the surfacing department. Operate taping equipment to apply protective tape to the front of the lenses.
o Generator Operator: Operate the generator machine used to cut the lenses to the correct prescription.
o Surface Finer/Polisher: Operate the equipment used to fine and polish all lenses going through the surfacing department.
o Lens Washer: Hand wash and dry lenses followed by a brief cosmetic inspection of the lenses. Grasp lens with de-blocking cup and strike against table to remove block from lenses. Remove tape from lenses.

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