Bachelor’ degree or equivalent in US

At least 10 years of software development, solutions architect, or cloud architect experience with focus in DevOps. People with operations background are not preferred for this role

10+ years building cloud native architectures, architecting enterprise applications on public cloud platforms and cloud ecosystems including AWS

10+ years architecting highly scalable and reliable back-end systems in production

7+ years’ experience leveraging DevOps and building CI/CD pipelines using tools like Terraform, Jenkins, Gitlab, Artifactory, Chef, Ansible, AWS CloudFormation templates, and GitHub, AWS DevOps suite


Demonstrated work experience in creation of architecture, architecture support for Agile implementations & Architecture Sprints

Experience in driving architecture and business innovation thought process Clearly communicates and presents analyses and results and persuades others by supporting ideas with logical arguments/data

Experience in coaching and mentoring senior architects

Technical knowledge of AWS public cloud, cloud native design, microservice architecture, containerization and non-functional requirements

: Skilled in Docker, in Kubernetes to automate application deployment, scaling, and management, JIRA, Confluence, programmed in Amazon Web Services (AWS) offerings, development, and networking platforms


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