Job Purpose
Provide CAD services for the A/O Center, GPS services, and GPS database design and maintenance in support of daily operations and on-going transmission and distribution, water, technical services, generation, and telecommunication projects.
Carry out CAD and GPS systems upgrades and assist preparation of operating budget and projections for the CAD and GPS systems.
Specific Responsibilities
1. Maintain and update AutoCAD Civil 3D, and manual engineering and facilities drawing files, indices, and drawing tracking for all A/O Center drawings and specific power plant and landfill drawings.
a. Provide support services to maintain engineering construction standards.
b. Assist other MP&W personnel in gathering data for development of civil, environmental, structural, electrical, water, or fiber optic AutoCAD drawings.
c. Maintain adequate stocks of drafting supplies (copier and plotter paper and toner).
d. Evaluate and implement modifications to AutoCAD, such as software upgrades, custom tools, and troubleshooting.
e. Evaluate and implement modifications to Civil 3D, such as software upgrades, custom tools, and troubleshooting.
2. Provide GPS services including office-to-field and field-to-office data transfer, GPS data gathering, and GPS data processing .
f. Maintain the quality control and management of data using GPS software.
g. Train other users to gather GPS data; provide troubleshooting as needed.
h. Evaluate and implement modifications to the GPS equipment and software based on changing technology, Utility goals and objectives, and user requirements.
Other Responsibilities
1. Develop, update, and maintain CAD standards and procedures, ensuring compliance with existing Utility standards.
2. Provide or obtain software support to maintain continuity and integrity of CAD and GPS programs including the development of customized applications.
3. Support project management and documentation by providing field inspection and as-built logging services.
4. Identify the need for hardware and software upgrades based on changing technology, Utility goals and objectives, and user requirements.
5. Assist in the development of new CAD Technicians.
6. Train other staff to view, revise, and submit drawings according to utility standards, policies, and procedures.
7. Assist in the development of the operating budget and appropriate projections for CAD & GPS systems.
8. Other duties as assigned.

Job Requirements:
1. Associate degree in a technical field or equivalent combination of education and experience required.
2. Minimum 3 years of experience, including utility infrastructure.
3. Strong working knowledge of CAD techniques and associated reproduction and retention technologies. Database design and information retrieval experience preferred.
4. Demonstrated knowledge of and experience with GPS equipment and software operations, including Geospatial; demonstrated proficiency in data transmittal to Esri ArcGIS preferred.
5. Working knowledge CAD and GPS software terminology, engineering terms, and proper use of materials, reference books and catalogs preferred.
6. Demonstrated knowledge of drawing management systems and philosophies preferred.
1. Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
2. Excellent interpersonal and listening skills, with ability to build productive professional relationships and promote a team atmosphere.
3. Proficiency with use of CAD and GPS software.
4. Proficiency with use of Microsoft Office Word and Excel at an intermediate level.
5. Good judgment and reasoning skills.
6. Problem identification, analysis, and solving.
7. Project management skills desired.
1. Ability to work as a team, either as team leader or a member of a team.
2. Ability to drive results and ensure work is accomplished properly, safely, and in a timely manner.
3. Ability to work independently, effectively prioritize work, manage multiple tasks, meet deadlines, and adjust work priorities as needed to meet department/organizational objectives.
4. Ability to develop, read, and interpret drawings, schematics, specifications, and technical manuals.
5. Ability to distinguish colors.
Other Position Requirements
1. Must possess a valid driver’s license.
2. Must be able to attend work on a regular basis and work overtime as needed.
3. Must maintain a method of communication to be contacted by MP&W outside normal work hours.
Work Environment
1. Work environment is primarily in an office environment. Occasional visits to an industrial coal-fired power plant or outside job sites may be required. Fieldwork is completed in all weather conditions.
2. Must comply with all safety and site rules at all locations.

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