The Substitute Teacher – Preschool will report directly to the assigned campus each day. The person selected for this position will also be responsible to serve as a substitute and assist the classroom teachers in the general supervision and management of a classroom of children, or provide assistance to the principal as needed. This person must be a fully qualified preschool teacher and must meet all of Merryhill Preschool’s qualifications for preschool teacher. The substitute teacher will travel to other campuses when required on the request of the principal. Duties & Responsibilities: Substitute as needed. Assist in the classroom and/or office as needed. Special duties as assigned by the supervising principal. If a teaching position becomes available during the school year, the floater teacher is the first teacher assigned to the classroom. Planning, supervising, and implementing the curriculum in accordance with Merryhill Preschool’s policies and procedures. Being responsible for the ordered arrangement, appearance, and décor of the classroom environment. This will include sharing the joint housekeeping responsibilities of the staff. Attend all staff meetings and in-house training programs. Participation in all school events, including but not limited to; Parent/Student Orientation, Winter Programs, Spring Open House, Student Back-to-School Night, Parent Workshops, Stratford School’s Annual Family Event, and Parent Conferences. Regularly maintain a classroom bulletin board displaying student artwork. Monitor and assess student progress. Maintain close communication with the director and parent regarding student issues, conferencing as deemed necessary. Submit weekly lesson plans to the director. Establish a non-punitive method of classroom discipline, seeking positive rather than negative methods to correct student behavior. Display energy and enthusiasm, maintaining evident interest in the job. Contribute and share ideas freely with other staff members Use appropriate language in and out of the classroom. Appropriately dressed, well groomed, and neat. Maintain professional attitude and loyalty to the school at all times. Maintain a friendly and positive attitude toward parents, students, and administration. Cooperate in the maintenance of interpersonal relationships, refrain from complaining and gossiping. Alert to the needs of others, students, and co-workers. Punctual and reliable. Absence from work is limited only to emergencies and illness. Perform daily tasks and responsibilities with integrity, making effective use of time schedules and not requiring constant reminders to complete tasks. Treat all children with dignity and respect. Demonstrate patience and self-control in dealing with students and staff. Skills/Knowledge/Education: Prior to being hired, the substitute teacher shall have twelve post-secondary semester units or equivalent quarter units in early childhood education or child development completed, with passing grades (C or better), at an accredited or approved college or university, as well as, at least six months of work experience in a licensed child care center or comparable group child care program. The units specified shall include courses that cover the general areas of child growth and development, child, family, and community, and program/curriculum. An official transcript from the approved university/college must verify the coursework.Tracking

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