MRG Exams, a leader and premier service provider of independent medical examinations has been contracted to hire a Licensed Clinical Psychologist to work with our American Heroes. The Licensed Clinical Psychologist will perform medical examinations as a part of the VA’s disability benefits process.

The Licensed Clinical Psychologist will be responsible for reviewing electronic behavioral health records. After reviewal, the Licensed Clinical Psychologist will perform a comprehensive disability examination on each veterans specific disability claim. The Licensed Clinical Psychologist will use electronic Disability Benefit Questionnaires (DBQ’s), which will be utilized to help gather specific information the VA is asking for. After completing the examination, the DBQ’s will be sent to the VA Contractor for a quality assurance review. During the quality assurance review process, the Licensed Clinical Psychologist will continue to follow the DBQ’s status within their web-based portal and update accordingly. The Licensed Clinical Psychologist will NOT be making the final disability determination. The typical volume of veterans is expected to be 3 per day.

This is a part-time,1099 position looking to work 2 days per week. You will be paid regardless of patient no-shows.

. Requirements:

MRG Exams is looking for Clinical Psychologist who:

  • Can perform comprehensive disability exams.
  • Someone who is interested in serving Veterans in their community.
  • Has strong organizational skills.
  • Comfortability with learning new technology and submitting examinations through an online portal.
  • Ability to submit timely electronic records within 24 hours after the completion of exam.

Providers will enjoy:

  • Web-based exam tool which will reduce paperwork and increase efficiency.
  • Clinical work that is Monday-Friday.
  • Competitive income commensurate with experience.
  • The satisfaction of supporting Americas Veterans.
  • Building new relationships.

Required to do the job:

  • Must hold a current New York state license.
  • Must have graduated from an APA Accredited school.
  • Must have a PhD or PsyD.
  • Responsible for maintaining continuing education per license requirements.
  • Must be able to analyze both health history data and form professional opinions.
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills.
  • Comfortable and efficient with electronic documentation and record review.
  • Must have own laptop to fill out reports.



To Apply: https://www.jobg8.com/ATSApply.aspx?0GJT4SJYjS7tW2NJhJ5SRgz