A crew member is able to individually contribute to the store productivity. They fully understand all station responsibilities and diligently follow them. They know how to read and follow all posted job helpers with exactness. They know all minimum company productivity guidelines and are able to exceed them without management oversight ALL of the time. A crew member’s value to the team is clearly measured as they perform all duties in a manner that drives excellence, controls cost, and maximizes value.

To be considered for promotion, a crew member must meet the following conditions:

  1. Know, follow and be able to explain all position responsibilities utilizing the Little Caesars training model
  2. They must know and follow food safety standards
  3. They must have an excellent attendance record
  4. They must follow direction with exactness and a happy attitude
  5. Demonstrate positive leadership characteristics
    1. Mutual Respect
    2. High Integrity
    3. Goal Oriented
    4. Open Communication
    5. Earn, not demand, Respect
    6. Cultural Acceptance
  6. They must treat the customer with respect and happiness at ALL times!
  7. They must recognize and resolve quality concerns without direction
  8. They must recognize and complete needed tasks related to station responsibilities without direction
  9. Meet the following proficiency guidelines
    1. Able to mix (if over 18), cut, roll and put one batch of dough in the walk in every 4 minutes
    2. Able to mix and store one case of sauce every 3 minutes
    3. Complete 10 sheet outs from tray to ready rack every 4 minutes, utilizing the X method and achieving an even white edge. They must also demonstrate consistency and understanding of how to make a perfect sheetout.
    4. Able to sauce and cheese 5 pizzas in under 2 minutes. With no race tracks in the sauce and even distribution of cheese
    5. Able to top 5 pizzas with pepperoni using the 6-5-4 method in 2 min 20 sec
    6. Able to land, cut and box 5 pizzas under 1 min 30 sec
    7. Able to prep and package 2 packages of Crazy Bread under 1 Min 45 Sec