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High Level Summary

The Business Analyst collaborates with IT teams, business subject matter experts, project managers and other project stakeholders to build relationships across the Group and to solve business problems. The ideal candidate needs to understand business and client needs, translate them into business requirements for design, implementation and testing. Furthermore, the Business Analyst must propose/capture solutions and assess the change to operational requirements and the impact on business processes.
The Business Analyst will work on a complex program, under the direction of the program’s Senior or Principal Business Analyst. The program will include transformational change efforts.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities

o Business Analysis Planning and Monitoring
Plan the business analysis work from creation or selection of a methodology to the activities, tasks, and deliverables that must be completed to support a change initiative
Understand which stakeholders are relevant to a change effort, what they need and what is needed from them, and the best way to collaborate
Ensure decisions related to business analysis work are made properly and consistently, and follow a process that ensures decision makers have the information they need
Ensure information developed through business analysis activities is captured, stored, and integrated with other information for long-term use

o Elicitation and Collaboration
Prepare for elicitation activities to ensure that stakeholders have the information they need to provide and understand the nature of the activities they are going to perform
Conduct elicitation activities to understand stakeholder needs and identify potential solutions to meet those needs
Confirm the results of elicitation activities to ensure a shared understanding, that elicited information is recorded appropriately, and that the information sought is obtained
Provide stakeholders with the information they need, when they need it, in a useful form using the right terminology and concepts
Engage with stakeholders in the overall business analysis process to ensure that needed outcomes can be delivered

o Requirements Life Cycle Management
Analyze and maintain the relationships between requirements, designs, solution components, and other work products for impact analysis, coverage, and allocation
Ensure that requirements and designs are accurate and current throughout the solution life cycle, and facilitate the reuse of requirements where appropriate
Assess the value, urgency, and risks associated with particular requirements and designs to ensure that analysis/delivery work is done on the most important ones at any given time
Evaluate new and changing requirements to determine if they need to be acted on within the scope of a change initiative
Work with stakeholders involved in the governance process to reach agreement and approval on requirements and designs

o Strategy Analysis
Analyze the current state to understand business needs and how those needs relate to the way that functions today
Define goals and objectives that will demonstrate business needs have been satisfied and define which parts of the enterprise need to change in order to meet those goals and objectives
Assess risks to understand the uncertainties around a change effort, consider the effects those uncertainties may have on the ability to deliver value, and recommend actions to address risks where appropriate
Perform a gap analysis between current and future state, assesses options for achieving the future state, and recommend the highest value approach for reaching the future state; including any transition states that may be required along the way

o Requirements Analysis and Design Definition
Describe a set of requirements or business functions in detail using analytical techniques
Ensure that requirements and business needs have been developed in enough detail to be usable, are internally consistent, and of high quality
Work collaboratively and iteratively with IT solution designers to ensure that requirements and designs deliver business value and support goals and objectives
Work collaboratively and iteratively with IT solution designers to structure requirements and designs so that they support the overall business purpose and that they work effectively as a cohesive whole
Identify, explore, and describe different possible ways to satisfy business needs

o Solution Evaluation
Determine the most appropriate way to assess the performance of a solution, including how the solution aligns with goals and objectives, and perform the assessment
Examine information regarding the performance of a solution in order to understand the value it delivers to and to stakeholders, and determine whether it is meeting current business needs
Investigate issues within the scope of a solution that may prevent the solution from meeting current business needs
Investigate issues outside the scope of a solution that may be preventing our client from realizing the full value that a solution is capable of providing
Identify and define actions can take to increase the value that can be delivered by a solution

Education Requirements

• 4-year Bachelor’s degree in a business-, finance-, or computer science-related field is preferred

Experience Requirements

• 5+ years of business analysis experience including, but not limited to, business systems design, business process design, or a combination of both
• Experience participating in continuous improvement initiatives and exposure to Lean Six Sigma is preferred

Skills and Abilities

• Ability to apply analytical thinking and problem solving skills to analyze problems and opportunities effectively, identify which changes may deliver the most value, and work with stakeholders to understand the impacts of those changes.
• Ability to gain the trust and respect of stakeholders by demonstrating ethical behavior, personal accountability, trustworthiness, strong organization and time management skills, and adaptability
• Communication skills, including verbal, non-verbal, written, and active listening, are critical for this role
• Must be able to facilitate, lead, negotiate, resolve conflicts, and teach stakeholders at all levels within the organization
• Must have strong technical skills, particularly in applications that support communication and collaboration, creation and maintenance of requirements artifacts, modelling of concepts, tracking issues, and increasing overall productivity
• Must be able to effectively read, write and speak English
• May require the need to travel to other locations
• Willing and able to work extended hours as needed

Certifications, Licenses and/or Registrations – Completing this section is optional

o Certification of Competency in Business Analysis (CCBA) from the International Institute of Business Analysis, or an equivalent certification is preferred
o Certification in process improvement methodology (such as Green Belt, Black, and Master Black Belt) is preferred.

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