JOB TITLE: Inventory Control Specialist

DEPARTMENT: Administration

STATUS: Full Time, Non-Exempt, Hourly

REPORTS TO: Operations Manager

The Inventory Control Specialist is responsible for making sure inventory in the greenhouse is accurate. A plant material inventory system is designed to provide management with information for making managerial decisions regarding production, sales, and demand trends. By maintaining a current, up-to-date plant material inventory and availability, problems arising from overselling or leaving plants unsold can be minimized. A knowledge of plant inventory can provide the basis for planning work schedules, labor needs, space requirements, and supplies needed. Inventory data is needed when planning production programs, calculating costs of production, and developing pricing strategies. Cultural practices and their impact on inventory turns may also be evaluated.


  • Print POs (Purchase Orders) for the week & Check POs daily for any updated orders
  • Print pick tickets for shipping crew
  • Print stickers for the following week
  • Adjust weeks, if needed, on orders after the trays have been scanned to temporary racks, and then scanned out in Vision (system)
  • Allocate the Orders in NAP (system) once scanned out in Vision
  • Enter returned orders in Vision when items have been returned
  • Translate the walk through information. Looking at the shortages and extras as well as the ability to substitute alternative items/relay information to the Purchasing Department
  • If growers report an issue or delay in a crop – adjust the availability and communicate with respective sales representative. Provide alternatives if available.
  • NAP/Vision Comparison – when new orders are entered and it is after the production week.
  • Other duties as assigned


  • 2 + Years of related experience
  • High School Diploma or higher
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite
  • Ability to prioritize and multitask
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail and organizational skills
  • Quick to learn new computer programs.
  • Must be physically able to walk in the greenhouse for several hours at a time and be both heat and cold tolerant.
  • Able to lift up to 35lbs; squat, bend, pull and push


  • All PO’s are printed for the week & Check POs daily for any updated orders
  • All pick tickets for shipping crew are printed on time
  • All stickers are printed for the following week
  • All weeks orders are adjusted after trays are scanned to temporary racks and then
  • scanned in Vision.
  • All Orders are allocated in NAP once scanned out in Vision
  • Returned orders are entered into Vision if they get returned to the greenhouse
  • All the walk though information is translated/relayed to the Purchasing Department,
  • including shortages/extras
  • All availability has been adjusted and the respective Sales Representative has been
  • informed. Alternatives, if available, have been offered.
  • All NAP/Vision Comparisons are completed on the orders that we don’t have time to
  • plant due to late order entry.

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