This is a 1 year contract and current work is remote but potential to go back onsite in Q2 2021 so wanting someone ideal local to Chicago metro.

This is a junior role. Sufficient experience is about 1 year of working or dealing with job descriptions. This person can have a compensation or recruiting background. Experience with SAP or SuccessFactors is a plus, but not required.

This position’s primary focus will be helping update its job descriptions for a successful transition from SAP to EmployeeCentral (SuccessFactors module) as a HR System of record.

This is project based work that will involve taking existing job descriptions for the US and updating them to all have a consistent format.

This person will take existing job descriptions for the US and do the following:
o Condense to only one version per active job
o Archive Job Descriptions tied to inactive jobs
o Place critical content from the Job Description into the format needed for population in EmployeeCentral

Required Skillset:
Bachelors Degree
1-3 years in Compensation or Recruiting
Ability to work in a fast paced environment

– provided by DiceTracking

To Apply: https://www.jobg8.com/Traffic.aspx?X1BvGN%2bJzUZktSKwGYhEYwg