Do you do quality work, use your head as well as your hands and want to be appreciated for the level of quality you deliver? Join Gold Eagle Alarms as a level 3 Technician!

Work in a variety of site settings, project requirements, and customer needs. Projects include fire, video, and data cabling, terminating and testing; telecommunications switch configuration and installation and testing; security, wireless and audio-visual infrastructure installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.

At Gold Eagle Alarms we encourage team spirit, family values, innovation, and open communication. We do this by having approachable leadership and striving to maintain an appropriate work/life balance.

Preferred Qualities:

Team player – Resourceful – Flexible – Accountable – Creative – Dependable – Problem-solving – Strong Work Ethic – Passion – Clear and Effective Communication – Organized and Detail Oriented

Purpose of this position:

The Technician is responsible for successful project deployments and troubleshooting under the direction of project managers, department supervisors, foremen, and/or site leads.


Technician will work in conjunction with all other field members on and off job sites. Employee will converse with the Superintendent and Project Managers to determine schedule and discuss scope of work and other details pertaining to projects. All field members will maintain a professional relationship with customers, especially on site. Field members will occasionally act as the line of contact between various office staff and the customer on site.

  • Fire alarm installation, testing, and troubleshooting
  • Existing network mapping and documentation
  • Installation documentation, as-builts
  • Wireless installations
  • Daily paperwork and communications requirements per Lead/Foreman, Superintendent (SUP), VP of Operations (VPO), and/or Project Manager (PM)
  • Adhere to and enforce all company policies, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Acts as advisor to help resolve job related issues. Keep Lead/Foreman, SUP, VPO, and PM informed of technical issues related to projects and personnel
  • Maintain certification status and currencies
  • Occasional to regular travel required. Maintain valid driver’s license and insurability
  • May include in- and out-of-state overnight travel
  • Must maintain a professional work ethic and progression of skill sets
  • Other duties as assigned by Superintendent or VP of Operations.


Knowledge and Skills (Minimum requirements):

  • Education, CSA exams FA2 cert or NICET II (2), licenses: High school diploma or equivalent and driver’s license.
  • Specialized knowledge: Knowledge of voice, video, data, fire and security infrastructure.
  • Experience: 3-5 years industry experience
  • Skills: Level 3 Fire Technician.

Adequate transportation is required. The responsibility of arriving to work is entirely up to each individual.

Working conditions:

Position requires monthly and other occasional shop meetings, held at the designated Gold Eagle Alarms location. Occasionally, the employee may be required to travel and/or work outside of normal business hours. May also be required to drive a company vehicle.

This position is physically demanding and requires repeated physical movement for extended periods of time. Although several requirements are explained in this description, this is not to be considered an entire list of all policies and procedures.

A main function and requirement is to install Power Limited communication cables in pathways (ceilings, walls, and floors). The work is typically performed in office/industrial buildings where there is a controlled environment. Position is primarily performed at the customer location so working conditions change constantly, from new construction to existing office building or residential. There are times where the work is outdoors during construction and the environment is not controlled. In these situations, all field personnel must be able to perform these tasks and dress accordingly.

Must be able to communicate well in different audible environments. Required to wear different types of protective gear depending on the safety requirement of installation location. May be required to work in a confined space and at times work from aerial lifts and/or extension ladders.

Daily work requires considerable climbing, walking, and standing, lifting, kneeling, and reaching. Sedentary tasks such as some troubleshooting, testing and terminating procedures are unpredictable and generally last for nominal periods of time.

Cable reels can weigh from one pound to several hundred pounds. Must be capable of lifting and loading cable, supplies, tools, and equipment (up to 75lbs individually) into a vehicle for transport to/from the job site and loading/unloading into the working area. In case of any heavy lifting, teamwork, proper equipment, and safe lifting techniques are essential. Must move ladders and/or lifts into position for throwing and reclaiming cable multiple times until the final destination is reached. Required to work at heights which can be in excess of 20 feet.

All field personnel must be able to distinguish many different colors in different lighting situations. Cable terminations consist of inserting small, color coded wires into connectors using hand tools. This requires good hand/eye coordination and finger dexterity. The ability and safe use of power tools and test equipment is a required function of the job. Documentation is a required and essential function of the job and must be performed on daily basis with complete descriptions legibly filled out.


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