The Sr. Technical Supervisor is responsible for the technical and scientific oversight of the laboratory. The technical supervisor is responsible for:

Selection of the test methodology that is appropriate for the clinical use of the test results;

Verification of the test procedures performed and establishment of the laboratory’s test performance characteristics, including the precision and accuracy of each test and test system;

Enrollment and participation in an HHS approved proficiency testing program commensurate with the services offered;

Establishing a quality control program appropriate for the testing performed and establishing the parameters for acceptable levels of analytic performance and ensuring that these levels are maintained throughout the entire testing process from the initial receipt of the specimen, through sample analysis and reporting of test results;

Being accessible to testing personnel at all times testing is performed to provide on-site, telephone or electronic consultation to resolve technical problems and ensure that remedial actions are taken whenever test systems deviate from the laboratory’s established performance specifications;

Ensuring that patient test results are not reported until all corrective actions have been taken and the test system is functioning properly;

Identifying training needs and assuring that each individual performing tests receives regular in-service training and education appropriate for the type and complexity of the laboratory services performed;

Evaluating the competency of all testing personnel and assuring that the staff maintain their competency to perform test procedures and report test results promptly, accurately and proficiently.

Meet HIPAA requirements for the protection of health information and personal identifying information

Oversight of general supervisor(s). Position reports directly to Laboratory Director. Communicates via telephone, email, letters and forms, face-to-face, and in other electronic formats with internal and external staff and partnering agencies.

Practical Experience: A minimum of two years of laboratory training or experience, or both, in high complexity testing within the specialty of molecular biology. Experience in high complexity testing in a clinical laboratory would be preferred.

Technical Qualifications: Attention to detail, ability to address technical issues within high volume workflow, and advanced organizational skills. The technical supervisor must accommodate multiple competing demands simultaneously, and cope with mental rigors inherent to high volume clinical screening tasks. Good computer skills. Interpersonal, oral and written communication skills. Ability to work with colleagues of diverse backgrounds.

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