We are looking
for a talented Project Manager specializing in Contract Lifecycle Management to
join our Corporate legal team in Indianapolis, IN.

In this role,
you will make an impact in the following ways:

Responsible for business ownership, governance and
processes in support of Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) System. Providing guidance ensuring legal and business requirements
are considered in the decisions related to management, enhancements and updates
to contracts in the system.Representing the business and legal function as part of a
shared tenant environment.Coordinating and helping prioritize system requests
chairing the business system Change Review Board (CRB) for the Contract Lifecycle Management and actively
participating in the platform CRB (Salesforce) representing business
interests. Actioning elevated approval requests, periodically review
system security authorizations, and ensure the Contract Lifecycle Management
system is proactively updated to meet legal requirements. Responsible for ensuring timely communications and
proactive change management for this environment. Managing the vendor developing enhancement requests
ensuring business needs are addressed. Coordinating and managing business requirements and
requests for the Contract Lifecycle Management system.Data governance for the Contract Lifecycle Management,
including but not limited to: ensuring
changes in applicable legislation are timely addressed and updates made to
contract clauses in coordination with the responsible attorney(s); periodic
review of security assignments ensuring appropriate levels of access are
maintained. Governance
of the end-to-end contract lifecycle management. Ensures
on-going service compliance with all company policies or legal requirements.Collection and coordination of new legal templates as
required. Ensuring maintenance of data
integrity within the Contract Lifecycle Management.Chair Contract Lifecycle Management Super User Group helping resolve conflicts and
prioritize enhancement requests. Will be
the deciding voice in stalemates related to requests.Work with lawyers to ensure Contract Lifecycle Management legal requirements are
current and representative of Cummins Legal Business requirements including
monitoring of clause updates.Approval for elevated access requests.Plans and manages (or participates in) the Operating budget
process. Determine forecast of needs.Working with Operational support vendor ensures ongoing
service delivery and support meet agreed customer requirements. Reviews service
agreements, monitors and reports service delivery metrics (i.e. Scorecards,
Service Level Agreement (SLAs) and Customer Satisfaction).Communicates on major service outages/escalations. Develops
and manages relationships with key teams and suppliers. Maintains relationships
and facilitates meetings with technical teams, IT, and business partners.Operational Level Agreements with other Shared Tenants
(i.e. CDH, DRC). Liaise with the appropriate process owners throughout the
Service Management lifecycle.Encourages root cause analysis using the formal problem-solving
approach for recurring issues.Champions the use of Six Sigma to reduce costs and improve
processes. Identifies opportunities for service improvements, discuss with the Contract Lifecycle Management and Sales Force user groups and raise the request for change for assessment if
appropriate.Works with stakeholders to ensure the delivered services
meet cost, quality, and delivery targets.Tracking

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