Constellis was established in 2010 by a group of operators and investors who sought to combine best-in-class brands, assets and people within the complex risk management industry. Today, the leading provider of risk management and operational support services worldwide, Constellis combines the legacy capabilities and experience of ACADEMI, AMK9, Triple Canopy, Olive Group, OMNIPLEX, Centerra, Edinburgh International, Strategic Social and all of their affiliates. From life support, procurement, operations and maintenance to high-threat protection, training, C4I systems integration and crisis response, Constellis helps its clients achieve and sustain success, no matter where they are in the world. Constellis operates in approximately 40 countries with regional offices in Africa, the Americas, Europe and the Middle East. Constellis is headquartered just outside of Washington, D.C. in Reston, VA.


Plan, coordinate, supervise, and evaluate Security operations at the Radford Army Ammunition Plant.


  • Developing a new hire training plan and an annual training plan and training Security Officers to those standards
  • Development of plans and procedures as required
  • Development of a quality assurance program that measures Security Officers knowledge of procedures and policies
  • Conducts Root Cause Analysis and Corrective Actions Plans
  • Review the guard tour system routes to ensure they are being checked correctly
  • Compile various reports
  • Review security reports for grammar issues and ensure they have everything included (i.e. statements, pictures, etc.)
  • Review security cameras as part of the quality program to verify work is being completed correctly and as it is documented on reports
  • Design manuals/walkthroughs as needed
  • Other task and responsibilities as designated by Subcontractor or BAE Systems
  • Identify, report, delay or detain persons who violate rules and regulations
  • Conduct internal and external roving foot patrols
  • Detect and respond to alarms and emergencies
  • Secure entrances and exits during emergencies
  • Control keys and lock combinations
  • Communicate and remain accessible via two way radio or company issued cellular phone
  • Understand and comply with all requirements defined within company documents to include: Post and General Orders, plans, policies, procedures.
  • Observe and report all offenses/incidents
  • Complete all reports and paperwork as required
  • Provide first aid, CPR, and assist during emergencies as necessary.
  • Must be able to wear protective body armor as a part of the duty uniform.
  • Maintain mandated training requirements in accordance with company guidance.
  • Maintain physical fitness, agility requirements, and weapons qualifications.
  • Ensure safety requirements compliance and safe work practices.
  • Regular, in-person attendance is required.
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • 3 years of security experience within the past five years; [OR] An Associate’s Degree in a related field and at least one year of experience; [OR] 3 years of military or National Officer (active duty or reserve) experience; [OR] Successful completion of a state certified Police Officer’s Standard Training (POST) course; [OR] Any reasonable combination of the above within last 5 years and Reasonable Combination of Experience, School, Military or Training (equivalence to 3 years)
  • Must possess a valid unrestricted automobile driver’s license
  • Must be a citizen of the United States, possessing a social security card issued by the Social Security Administration
  • Must possess a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Must be able to read, write, and speak English fluently
  • Must be capable of passing a background check, medical and psychological evaluation, drug test, and weapons qualification.
  • 21 years of age
  • Perform 19 pushup in 2 minutes, annually
  • Run 1.5 miles in 17 minutes, 30 seconds, annually
  • Pass range qualification semiannually
  • Once hired, able to obtain and hold a DoD Secret Security Clearance
  • Managerial experience is a plus


  • Requires intermittent standing, walking, sitting, squatting, stretching, and bending throughout the workday.
  • Must have visual and audio acuity to operate motor vehicles or heavy equipment, machines such as fire equipment and apparatuses, firearms and clearing barrels.
  • May be subject to outdoor conditions including extreme temperatures and weather.
  • Subject to high noise levels.
  • Subject to hazards including a variety of physical conditions, such as proximity to moving mechanical parts, moving vehicles, electrical current, exposure to high heat or exposure to chemicals.
  • May be required to be fitted for and/or wear a respirator
  • Must be able to stand for extended periods of time, often without breaks, and may be required to climb stairs or ladders and walk up inclines and on uneven terrain.
  • Must meet all physical and psychological standards as required by the contract.


With operations across every major continent and an annual revenue of $1.7 billion dollars, Constellis provides a wide array of opportunities for individuals looking to build successful careers in a fast-paced, growing industry. Legal, moral and ethical business practices remain at the cornerstone of our culture and Constellis continues to be recognized for our emphasis on quality and compliance. This strong track-record of performance is supported by our deep relationships across key government agencies and blue chip commercial customers. With more than 21,000 personnel worldwide, the majority of whom are military or law enforcement veterans, we leverage our employees’ ambition and passion for creating a safer world. Our extensive operational expertise is augmented by our intimate knowledge of economies, communities and cultures. As a result, we share a willingness to support complex operations in some of the world’s most demanding places.Tracking

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