Look, I’m sure you’re a good attorney. You’ve made this far and you’re doing pretty well. But, do you feel like you have been hiding your true self and maybe like you are ready to take all that is inside of you and use it to help something/someone else grow exponentially? We are looking for a unicorn!Is that you?1. A Real Estate Attorney who is familiar with the way it’s done in North Carolina. NC is one of the few attorney states in the country and you have to know what you’re doing HERE. A Real Estate Attorney from a title state is probably not going to be qualified, because we don’t want to teach you everything about practicing RE Law in NC.The CEO will for sure mentor you, because that’s just thekind of person she is, butyou need to be fairly independent out of the gate.2. We need someone who is comfortable in a leadership position. The CEO is currently the managing attorney as well and we need you to confidently and competently remove that burden from her shoulders, come alongside her and the rest of the leadership team, and rock and roll. We’ve built a solid foundation. You will be tasked to help us grow that.3. Character is KEY. You must be able to understand and encourage the culture that we’ve built here. This is not your daddy’s law firm. This is a firm led by an amazing woman, full of amazing, kind, deep thinkers, who care about their clients and each other. We want YOU to fit that mold as well and be able to lead the team with an attitude of grace, compassion, kindness, passion, zeal, optimism, teamwork, all the things. If you know that’s not your skill set and don’t believe a zebra can change its stripes (at least not overnight) please look elsewhere. If I just described all your best qualities we need to talk. You may be the unicorn we are searching for.4. We need you to be fun. We have a stressful job and we need you to lead with laughter as well as all of the above qualities. We need you to walk into a closing and command the room, all while making everyone feel calm, assured, and welcome in our space. We want you to celebrate the victories with our clients and staff and lead the way in finding solutions when there seem to be none.We know we’re asking for a lot. That’s intentional. You’ll be rewarded with a great compensation and benefits package and an even better quality of work/work-life balance/meaningful days/incredible personal and professional growth. If you meet the asks, let’s talk. And let’s do some great work together.Tracking

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