BRIA of Palos Hills – Job SummaryThe primary purpose of your job position is to assist in the day-to-day accounting functions of the facility in accordance with current acceptable accounting and cost reimbursement principles relating to nursing facility operations, and as may be directed by the Administrator, AR Manager, or Accountant.As BOM you are delegated the administrative authority, responsibility, and accountability necessary for carrying out your assigned duties.Every effort has been made to identify the essential functions of this position. However, it in no way states or implies that these are the only duties you will be required to perform. The omission of specific statements of duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or is an essential function of the position.Business Office ResponsibilitiesEnsure that Public Aid applications are completed and submitted via ABE within 7 days of admission by coordinating with Admissions Department and family.Utilize Medicaid Pending Checklist.Ensure OBRA screens are obtained upon admission. Request from screening agency if hospital doesnt send. If hospital has not completed screen or if resident admits from home without a screen request for screening agency to come and complete screening. Ensure that screener or post screener is completed within 1 week. Track screeners on Admission Audit Spreadsheet. Submit screen with admit pack. Notify Administrator and corporate office of any issues with obtaining or completing screens by specific agencies so that a complaint with the state can be filed.Submit admit packs on all new admissions within 24 hours. Resubmit admit pack referencing original TAN# if screener is obtained after admit pack has been sent.Maintain financial files on all residents and ensure all documentation is completed as necessary and uploaded in PCC.Enroll Medicaid and Medicaid Pending residents in direct deposit for all income types through RFMS upon admission.Log into RFMS daily to run Direct Deposit Status report, verify resident statuses are accurate.Compete daily deposits, process any credit card payments and submit to corporate biller for posting.Apply representative payee for social security and/or change of address.Verify responsible party in PCC has a complete address and phone number for statements and collection calls upon admission.Assign residents into a billing category: Mail statements or Do Not Mail statements upon admission.Complete AdmissionsAudit Spreadsheet daily.Act as a liaison between Corporate Office and family members for all billing related questions.Update Corporate Office on all Public Aid changes including admissions, discharges, payer changes, and income changes.Upload all changes and supporting documentation to PCC resident profile Misc Tab under Financial/Business Office category.Notify corporate biller of any new documentation added by emailing resident PCC# (not resident name) and the type of document uploaded to the corporate bookkeeper, cc Lynn Randall.Notify corporate bookkeeper, facility administrator, Medicare specialist, Lynn Randall and Select Rehab of any Medicare denials.Follow Medicare Denial ADR process.Rerun Medicare and all skilled eligibility weekly and rerun eligibility for therapy caseload the 1st day of the month. Run and print all Medicaid (MEDI), Medicaid Pending and Medicaid Eligibilities monthly (with the first 5 days of the month). In all instances notify corporate biller of any changes and make changes in PCC.Upload all MEDI, Medicaid pending and Medicaid eligibilities in PCC under misc. documents.Obtain all continuing authorizations for the skilled residents by the due date and record the authorization number in PCC.Complete all therapy verifications as requested by rerunning all eligibilities to ensure accurate information is given.Apply for BCBS secondary insurance for all long-term care residents with sufficient income and no secondary insurance policy upon admission.Make weekly collection calls to families for private pay, resident liabilities and any other outstanding accounts. Check dashboard daily for collection call updates needed.Utilize AR aging report in PCC (PCCReportsAR Aging (New))Make notes in the resident file under Collections Tab to track progress.Discuss progress of collection calls on a weekly call with Lynn.Notify facility administrator of any issues or IVDs that need to be issued.Make monthly collection calls to insurance companies, as guided by the corporate office.Complete Medicaid Redetermination forms with all required supporting documentation immediately upon receipt. Upload into PCC under misc. documents.Complete Social Security Representative Payee report immediately upon receipt. Upload into PCC under misc. documents.Attend Medicare Meetings to verify days remaining, report secondary insurances, discuss long term resident plans, etc. Attend Triple Check.On the 1st of each month verify accuracy of Monthly Detailed Census in PCC and fax to Lab, Pharmacy, Xray Companies.Submit invoices to Administrator for approval and submit to corporate office for processing.Submit refund requests to corporate biller for approval and processing.On the 1st of the month review RFMS reconciliation report; reconcile trust.On the 1st of the month check in with facility attorney on the status of accounts and IVDsWeekly before Medicare Meeting re-run Medicare Verification for all Medicare and skilled residents on current caseload. Report any changes and document changes in PCC.On the 1st of each month review Select Rehab therapy bill and verify services billed match services provided.Once a year, submit income changes to corporate office for all Social Security income changes. (typically notifications arrive between December and February)Once a year apply for BCBS secondary policies for all residents ages 65 and under residents. Applications must be submitted by December 6th. BCBS will notify the facility when open enrollment begins.Tracking

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