Consumer Products PackagerFort Smith, Arkansas, United States

Established, Global, Fort Smith, Arkansas Consumer Products Packager is seeking aComputer Systems Support Specialistfor their Factory Control Systems Team.

The primary purpose of this position is to keep the factory support computer systems, primarily Automated Storage and Retrieval System running effectively, and to continuously improve the performance thereof in meeting changing business needs.


* Start up and shut down Factory Information Systems (FIS) and the Automated Storage and Retrieval System (AS/RS)
* Recover AS/RS cranes and robos from fault conditions
* Change out and maintain robo batteries
* Respond to user requests for help and information, e.g., “What happened to this pallet?”, “My scanner is not working,” etc.
* Train users of the FIS software for the efficient utilization of AS/RS resources
* Monitor, report and work to resolve inefficiencies and problems
* Operator actions to be governed by the various applicable health, safety, environmental and ISO standards

Special Projects

* Anything not specific to the other listed Key Accountabilities, e.g. programming projects (Access, C++), circuit board construction, PLC program modifications, PC workstation setup, etc.

First Level Software / Data Support

* Diagnose and recover from software and database problems. Software problems can be FIS specific or any of the many FCS developed database applications, PC operating system or 3rd party applications. Resolve issues in a timely manner and call for second level help when appropriate.

First Level Hardware Support

* Diagnose and recover from hardware problems to include cranes, robos, BSKs, thermal printers, laser scanners, mobile printers, hand scanners, computers, LAN related equipment, etc. Recovery limited to adjustment, board level swapping (e.g., replace L3 card in robo) and or device swapping (e.g., replace scanner). Resolve issues in a timely manner and call for second level help when appropriate.

Special Programs

* Ensure that Company and external regulatory policies and programs are followed and supported


* All factory system users: principally in Packaging and Material Handling, but in Processing and office areas as well. Provides reactive support resolving problems; observes ineffective system usage and influences / trains better usage.
* Production Supervisors to orchestrate changes to work flow when required because of system problems either caused by the system or by the users.
* With PE&M and FCS Technicians / Mechanics to effect equipment repairs.
* With the FCS Analyst/Programmer and Dept. Management, to discuss observed system deficiencies and how to resolve them.
* Fellow Operators to provide pass-on status information regarding on-going problems and solutions.

QSE Responsibilities:

Demonstrate commitment to the Management System policy, procedures, and dedication to the achievement of Operational Excellence, business performance, and sustainability through:

* Producing quality products with a focus on customer satisfaction and cost-effective operations
* Identifying and reducing product safety risks and practicing good manufacturing practices.
* Practicing safety awareness and safe work practices to ensure the health, safety and welfare of employees, contractors and visitors: by identifying and reducing safety risks, maintaining a clean work environment, and practicing good health, hygiene, and safety practices.
* Protection of the environment through recycling, minimizing waste, and conservation of natural resources.

Seniority Level



* Consumer Goods
* Food & Beverages

Employment Type


Job Functions

* Information Technology

Global Company – Established Bottling facility in Ft. Smith, Arkansas

Preferred employer in the Ft. Smith, Area – Clean, great work atmosphere, great beneifts,



*Preferred – Associates Degreein Electronics or Computer ScienceORequivalent experience; e.g. military service in electronics, programming (PC or PLC) or computer support fields.


*2 years experience in field level electronic troubleshooting OR 2 years experience in a help desk type environment OR 2 years experience post-school programming work.

Technical Functional Skills:

* A demonstrable ability to operate computerized equipment in an effective manner.
* A practical knowledge of electronics, especially re our system uses thereof.
* A hands-on ability to effect electronic repairs at the module and connection level.
* A strong understanding of our systems (the databases, the logic, the interfaces) is essential to being able to restore them accurately after disruptions.
* A good working knowledge of our product and service quality objectives is vital to recognizing and preventing problems.

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