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This is a fully remote position.

A small but rapidly growing startup is seeking an experienced and hands-on DevOps Director to build out a DevOps team and infrastructure.

Main Duties & Responsibilities:
– Build out a DevOps team and drive best practices and tools to strive for continuous improvement within the team.
– Participate in Certification Projects to get certified for SOC-2 or ISO-27001.
– Manage highly-scalable container-based Architectures with Docker and Kubernetes.
– Building Docker Images for development, production and other SDLC processes.
– Running Kubernetes Clusters in AWS (EKS) and Azure Cloud (AKS).
– Setting up K8s nodes and pods with Ubuntu containers and Nginx web servers.
– Creating CI/CD pipelines using CircleCI, Travis, Argo, Ansible, or Jenkins.
– Autoscaling using container metrics and other queries.
– Setting up Load balancers with Certificate Management (static and dynamic/LetsEncrypt).
– Setting up Active Directory and OKTA for IAM and Token-based APIs such as OAuth2.
– Setting up apps Azure Compliance Blueprints for SOC-2, ISO-27001, NIST, HIPAA, and HITRUST.
– Running Penetration Tests with OAuth ZAP or similar tools.
– Managing system-wide logs with Splunk, Sumologic or Datadog.
– Configuring Log Analytics servers for Intrusion Detection.
– Setting up and running disaster recovery drills and complete failovers.
– Setting up REDIS and Elastic Search Clusters with HA across multiple availability zones.
– Setting up Postgres databases with replicas across multiple availability zones.

Skills & Requirements:
– 8+ years of experience with systems engineering including recent focexpertise with DevOps/AWS/cloud environments.
– Strong experience in the B2B space building enterprise software applications.
– Candidate should prefer to work in an entrepreneurial environment and be a highly effective communicator and leader within our team and with stakeholders.
– A natural leader who drives team accountability and results with positivity, transparency, and strong team collaboration.
– Industry certifications highly preferred (AWS Certified DevOps Engineer or AWS Certified Solutions Architect).
– Highly proficient in BASH Scripting on Ubuntu 18+
– Mastery of Regular Expressions.
– Docker with ECS, Kubernetes (EKS and AKS).
– Experience with various security controls, such as SOC-2, ISO-27001, NIST, and HIPAA.
– Proficiency with any high-level programming language, such as PHP, Java, or Python is highly preferred.

tags: director of devops, director, devops, devops director, principal devops architect, senior devops engineer

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