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Job Seeker’s Aggregator Site

RestoreJobs is a job aggregator built for job seekers instead of focusing on businesses. Why would we focus on job seekers and not the businesses that have the money? I’m Bob, the creator of, and I hated having to create an account or give my email address just to find job openings. I also found out how much of your data those job boards took and sold to businesses. It should be criminal, but it isn’t. Free should be free! Businesses pay them to post a job. The job boards got greedy and started mining your data for profits too!

RestoreJobs is different. There is no tracking your use and since we don’t have your data, we can’t (and wouldn’t) sell it to the highest bidder. We honestly want to help people find jobs. Our whole purpose for RestoreJobs is to be helpful.

How does RestoreJobs work? We have a scraper that pulls jobs from across the internet from job boards and company websites. We don’t have to interact with the job boards or their odd ways. We just bring their jobs over to RestoreJobs. Clicking on a job will open a new tab. We did it that way after a lot of testing and realizing that we needed to keep RestoreJobs open. Once you get to the apply page, stop!

We HIGHLY recommend that you visit the website for the company hiring and apply there. Why? We find a greater number of applicants get interviews this way. There are far too many artificial intelligence filters that can remove you from the mix for nonsensical reasons. Job seekers can’t afford to get cut by a robot.

Thank you for visiting RestoreJobs! Please let other job seekers know about us. We are thankful we can help.